Teacher Training Program

The Studio du Corps Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive lecture, work-study, apprenticeship program intended to provide trainees with the education and experience needed to teach the Pilates Method. The Program not only incorporates the original, classic teachings of Joseph Pilates, but also includes the innovative work inspired by legendary Master Teacher, Ron Fletcher.


Studio du Corps has been successfully educating teachers to teach since 1995 and is proud to be a Balanced Body Partner in Education.


Prerequisites for Program:
  • Pilates experience at an intermediate level or higher

  • Basic knowledge of anatomy

  • Background in somatic practice and/or dance is desirable

  • Consultation with Program director


"Impressed does not begin to describe how I felt graduating from Diane's Pilates Certification program.  As a Physical Therapist, I have used Pilates as a form of exercise for rehabilitation in the past for my patients.  I had seen good success, but knew my patients could do better.  Therefore, I decided to take a certification course.  Entering her class, I realized how much I did not know.  Her wealth of knowledge and expertise helped me grow as both a Physical Therapist and a Pilates Instructor.  My understanding of the Pilates repertoire exploded during her program.  I have noticed a huge difference in the success of my practice from the knowledge I gained in this program.  Moreover, through this program, my own core strength and posture have greatly improved minimizing my own back pain.  I would highly recommend this Pilates Certification Program for anyone dedicated to learning the Pilates Method!"


-Melissa Walls, DPT

Please contact the Studio by phone call or email for detailed information.